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Stephen Colbert: Should he be fired for crossing the line of ethic’s?

I believe Stephen Colbert has crossed the line of ethic’s and should be fired. Late night comedians should be held accountable when they cross the line from what is funny to outright character assassination and contempt for someone they disagree with.
Condoning such lewd speech, should never be allowed anywhere on mainstream Television and outright character assignation on our President.
The Mainstream Media are hypocrite’s; What would the reaction be if Stephen Colbert would have said this lewd comment about President Obama?

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SORE LOSER: George Soros Declares War On America As Violent MoveOn.Org Protests Fill The Streets

America on Edge: MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country As Donald Trump totally destroyed the Hillary Clinton political machine, George Soros radical pro-amnesty liberals started riots…

Source: SORE LOSER: George Soros Declares War On America As Violent MoveOn.Org Protests Fill The Streets

This is an out and out LIE: (lead a country deeply divided by his rancorous campaign against Hillary)
These Protesters are but a tiny minority and DO-NOT represent all Americans, this is hogwash!

Where is Obama and Hillary here putting a stop to this ridiculous rhetoric??? By their silence, they are just condoning and fueling this Stupidity!
I hope Trump brings all these George Soros rebel/traitors to justice with huge fines and jail time for all the lawless damages they have done and especially for burning our American Flag.

The history of the Bush family, dating back to Jeb’s grandfather Prescott, and his great-grandfather George Herbert Walker, is a history of Anglo-American financier treason against the founding principles of the United States, a war against Franklin, Washington, Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, Lincoln, McKinley, Roosevelt, and Kennedy, who all fought to found and advance the revolutionary American system of economics against attacks and subversion by the British imperial system.